Digi Template Switch Pro demo page


Please note that this demo is for "Digi Template Switch Pro". The free plugin "Digi Template Switch" just allows you to switch the template if the website is browsed by a mobile device. The pro version differs from the free because it allows you to select more templates for different options (for example a template dedicated for smartphones and another for tablets).

Digi Template Switch

  • Select a template used for all mobile devices

Digi Template Switch Pro

  • Select a template used for smartphones and another used for tablets
  • Select a template used for homepage and another used sub pages (by Menu IDs)
  • Select a template depending of the mobile operating system
  • A lot of options and configurations
  • Custom filters

To have an idea of how the plugin works, come to this page by a smartphone or tablet.
You will see "Beez3" template instead "Protostar".

Scan the QR-Code to get the URL of this page on your smartphone.

digi template switch pro